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Sketch dump #15

Wow, I have not posted any art here in a while! Whoops. Better late than never. 1) Jacey 2) My final lion oil painting: Elvis in Paradise 3) An acrylic painting of my cousin 4) Some dance chic 5) Trying out Photoshop some more 6) Acrylic Jacey 7) More Photoshop


Basically I drew this because my friend gave me this pic to do. (its her brother when he was tiny) The image is also floating around on my Deviantart channel somewhere. Continue reading

Sketch dump #14

Here’s the dealio: pic 1 is a random character of mine, pic 2 are some character development sketches, & pic 3 is a charcoal figure study.

Sketch dump #13

Here is another gallery because I don’t want to make different posts for each photo. #1 is Beyonce and I’m sorry but I hate her. Anyways the picture (originally by someone whose name is somewhere in the photo) was so cool I had to draw it. #2 is the picture I drew from that YouTube test speed drawing test thing. #3 is mini Lady! The miniature version of the BEST PICTURE I HAVE EVER DRAWN that is not yet scanned and posted because its too big to fit in the scanner. #4 is from a video that I’m probably going to post but the quality is fuzzy. And that is the worst possible fate for a video.




Soooo, I have a YouTube account but I’ve never used it before. Well now I’ve used it for the first time and this is what happened. I have no idea why the video is so fuzzy. I swear it was not that fuzzy when I filmed it and the resolution was the recommended setting. Anyways if anyone has any tips to make it better please HELP. (The final drawing after I inked it will probably show up somewhere on my blog when I get around to it.)


Huge Sketch dump (#12?)

I haven’t put up any artwork in a while so here are some pages from my sketchbook. The scanner is being a butthead and picking up all of the artwork on the opposite side of the page too, so please try to forgive the smudgyness of the images. Just a few points are: the second and third images are all poses from Batgirl of Burnside 1. The boys poses are not filled up because I totally lost interest at that point. The fourth image consists of figure drawings from the library. In the sixth I copied all of the poses that somebody else had already drawn so give somebody else the credit for those. That’s it. Enjoy.