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Recently, I’v started listening to a series of lectures on that discusses drugs throughout history. From the two or three lectures that I’ve heard so far, one thing is blatantly clear: social media and public impressions have done far more to affect the way drugs are treated in our society than the medical facts of these drugs have. When we look at marijuana for instance, we can see that there is a huge benefit to using this drug in medicine, but the general hatred of the drug was enough to make it illegal in the U.S. without any real consideration of the drug’s uses and effects on the populace. Since marijuana’s legalization, the only noticeable difference in society are several marijuana shops opening up downtown. No huge increase of drug-related deaths or hospitalizations reported in the news. If the legalization of marijuana has proved that it never should have been made illegal in the first place, what can we say about other drugs? The general opinion of the public should not be enough to decide whether a doctor wants to use a certain drug to treat his patients or if a person wants to ruin their own life. The main deciding factor whether to leave these people alone or intervene in their lives and businesses is if the social media can rile up enough people with biased reports and untrue facts about something the general population is ignorant about.

Geography of Religion Wk 4

The Hindu Way of Life

According to the Vedas, life began as a great cosmic sacrifice. The sacrifice of the creator god Purusha created the world as we know it. His eye: the sun. His mind: the moon. And so forth. According to Holy Scripture, humans are born into one of four classes, each represented by some part of Purusha. The highest class (varna) is the Brahmans or priests and came from the creator god’s mouth. The next highest is the Kshatriyas, those men born to be warriors or nobility, and were created from his arms. The third class is the most populated and made up of farmers, merchants, and craftsmen and were crafted from his thighs. The last came from his feet; the Sudra, slaves and serfs. Women’s role in this group tended to assume the status of their husbands or fathers. Continue reading

How to be an Amazing Conversationalist…Probably

Everybody knows that some people and talking don’t mix. Maybe that person fidgets, maybe they are super boring, or maybe they’re me! I’m proud to say that my conversational skills are a unhappy blend between weird topics, speed talking, interrupting, bad timing, stupid questions, and answers that reveal just how stupid I can be when put on the spot. (Such as, “Where do you live?” *I blush furiously* “Ummm…I know exactly where it is but I’m not sure exactly what it’s called. Near Blah Blah Blah…probably”.) The point is, some people need a little advice and I’m here to give it to them. But first bear with me here while I explain a little something about my own particular brand of conversational skills.

A lot of people can hopefully relate to what I like to call “The Two Filter System”. How the 2 Filter System works is where I reveal that I have only two settings on my mouth. The first one is where I am constantly stumbling up with my words, can never thing of anything to say, and basically don’t talk at all. The second is where the filter has been removed. Completely. This is how I speak to my friends. And very rarely–usually when I am tired or very happy–this is how I speak to a randomly chosen person who does not move away when I get near. They usually act polite and never speak to me again. Continue reading

Texting for People Without a Phone

Yes, it happens. Some people don’t actually own their own phone. What I (used to) use to “text” people is a google app called hangouts. It’s built off of my email. Consequently I can use it when checking my emails, but for any cellular device, you have to install the app. It’s not all that hard to figure out how to use but for a quick learn, here’s some visual aid. So here you go: Hangouts Demo

Hope everyone can read my pink writing!

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Does anyone else ever celebrate Festivus? My family does and this winter we got even more traditional with the Festivus appetizer of airline snacks. Our Festivus pole in all of its dingy glory:festivus!

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The Head Owl


There is a very serious question I would like all of you to ask yourselves. How many boards would the mongols hoard if the mongol hoards got bored?

The Head Owl


Who’s excited for the new year? I am! Why? you may ask. Because I finally get to start a new sketchbook of course! Although you are free to share yours, my new years resolutions have to remain secret. I can’t have everyone knowing my secrets, now can I? <3 I hope everyone likes my new years eve pizza wallpaper.


Christmas is just around the corner and I’M NOT READY!!! The tree is not up, the lights are not strung, the cookies are not baked! (OK, that’s a lie. The lights technically are up outside.) We have 9 days until Christmas and that means 8 until my relatives fly down. Our house is a mess and 8 days to clean a lifetime of clutter…not going to happen. But a silly little time crunch is not going to stop me! The tree will go up if it’s the last thing I do. There is a tiny little problem though; we don’t have room. Let me explain. The room by the door is where the tree lives. We have a piano and a big round table in that room. So we usually move the tabe into the room next to it, making room for the tree. But this time we have a big dining table in the other room (for out guests) and some metal carts holding school supplies and books blocking the way.  Bottom line. Tree isn’t going to fit. ‘Now what will you do?’ you might ask. Well let me answer. We will only set up half of the tree. I cant live with that! Where will all the presents fit?

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