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bird eyes

Bird Eyes

Starting out my digital art obsession with some bird eyes. Probably going to be posting higher quality images of these and others like them on Deviantart with free downloads if anyone wants to check those out. :)

Recent Art Highlights


Graphic Novel <3

I’m designing a graphic novel series (It would be SO cool if I could publish it!) and these are some character concepts for the prequel story. (Yes, I have to make everything harder than it already is–because a normal graphic novel series isn’t enough work :( ) The Prequel will be set somewhere from 1933-1950s America and focused on witches and the pagan religion as interpreted per my research. Basically think “urban witches throughout history” and “Celtic gods” if you still don’t get what the story will be about. The prequel has only 2 main characters as opposed to the 3-4 in the main series and one of them is in the character ref sheet below. The other image is me trying to figure out how to represent the Great Mother (Also called the “Goddess.” Look it up.) because dang it there are way too many possibilities! Should I go really traditional Viking or more Greek or Egyptian sky goddess? Help an artist out and give me opinions! (Criteria via internet: a moon goddess and¬†mother nature blend.)

Bel The Great Mother concept doodles


Sweatshirts are Finally Printed!!

Sometime way back in the school year, I basically designed a sweatshirt for my school. (I say basically because someone came up with a rough idea sketch first–I’m not a graphic designer!) They finally got printed just in time for Christmas to roll around by the very cool and highly recommended A B Graphics & Printing. Soooooo here’s the final product:picture367 picture369

If anyone wants to buy my artwork before I become rich and famous and dominate the world with my talent, I’m considering setting up a redbubble shop or something like that. So give this post a comment if you think I should start to sell prints or maybe even *gasp* commissions. Or, you know, don’t comment like you nonexistent readers always do. (But seriously if anyone is reading this please tell me if you or anyone you know would be interested in buying any of my artwork.)

The Head Owl


smileymeThis is for that one guy on Deviantart who actually took time to comment on my stuff. *I cough pointedly at the ZERO people who read my blog.*

Inktober 2016

For those of you who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing challenge for the month of October where you draw something in ink every day. (Or every other day for half-marathon style–that’s what I did.) Here are most of the days:

Fanart Rocks!


GIANT Art Dump!