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Western Literature Essay

100 words on the sanctions of Noah and the Flood.

Ethics are a code of morality—knowing what’s right or wrong. In the Bible, man broke from the guidelines of ethics our Creator set for us by our own choice and so God initiated a punishment, for no crime can go without sanction. He caused a flood to pour down from the heavens for 40 days and 40 nights. By obeying God’s ethical code, Noah and his family were saved body and soul. New grace was bestowed on the earth by God, and He promised, “Never again will I curse the earth because of human beings, because their heart contrives evil from their infancy. Never again will I strike down every living thing as I have done.” ~Genesis 8:21.  To signify this oath he painted a rainbow across the sky. The lesson of this story is to remind us that if we follow the rule of ethics like Noah and his family, we will also be spared from the punishments of God.

Western Civilization Essays (2)

Today we have a special treat, two mini essays in one! The first is a summary of Minoan Crete and the second, a summary of Mycenaean Greece.


Was there ever a complex civilization on Crete? Some people argue that there was not but now quantifiable evidence proves them wrong. At the dig site of Knossos on Crete in 1899, ancient maps were uncovered presenting records of various shipments and trading documents. Although archaeologists have been able to interpret the meaning of the papers, the writing used—Linear A—remains undecipherable to this day. All across the island palaces were unearthed—seemingly built to house kings. Conversely, after some manual research, it turned out that the palaces were intended as religious centers, built to worship gods of nature. However there were indeed Kings who ruled over the ancient populace and practiced socialism, redistributing what some reaped to all equally.

Although uncivilized in some ways, the citizens of Crete were incredible artists. Eggshell thin pottery and curious frescoes depicting men leaping over bulls were found reaching from Crete all the way to Egypt, proving not only how desired their skill was but how frequently and far they traded. Continue reading

Western Literature Essay

Here is my Western Literature Ron Paul essay on the hierarchy of Adam and Eve.

In the Bible it is told that God created Adam to be his companion and son, using God’s own form as guidance, and bestowed upon Adam the blessing of ruler over all other beasts crawling on the earth. God is clearly above Adam in this hierarchal system and therefore above every other living thing. But seeing as man was lonely in his rank, below God and yet above all else, God created from Adam’s own flesh another human being, Eve. The fact that Eve was created from Adam may suggest that Eve is one step below Adam, but that is false. When God created Eve, she was created as an equal partner to complete and compliment Adam, not to be ruled over by him. This is referenced in a quote from the Bible, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” ~Genesis 2:24. “And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:” ~Genesis 3:14. Here it is told how the serpent, in deceiving God’s creations but above all God himself, was cursed to be below all other life on the planet and is consequently at the very bottom of the hierarchal chain.

Western Civilization Essay

Here is my essay from Western Civics Ron Paul Curriculum on Important events in Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses.

Abraham was born in Ur. God called him out to Canaan and further west. Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was barren but God blessed her and she gave birth to Isaac. Abraham loved Isaac with all of his heart. God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to test his loyalty and Abraham proved true. At the last minute, Isaac’s life was spared. Abraham chose Rebekah to be his son’s wife and Abraham died not long after. Isaac and Rebekah have two children, Esau and Jacob. But Jacob wanted Esau’s birthright as elder and tricked him into giving it up. Esau later swore to kill Jacob and so the latter fled to his uncle Laban.

After many years go by, Moses is born and sent away as a baby for his own safety. The pharaoh’s daughter finds and raises him in the palace. When he becomes a grown man, he spies an overseer beat a slave, so he kills the overseer and flees the city to become a shepherd. God then tells Moses through the figure of an ever burning bush to go convince pharaoh into freeing the Hebrews. Moses complies but the pharaoh refuses. God then sends down the plagues upon Egypt as punishment until the pharaoh finally relents. The people held a massive feast (Passover) in joy. Moses splits the red sea so the people can cross and escape with him. Pharaoh gives chase, having changed his mind but doesn’t make it across in time. Moses stops along the way at Mt. Sinai where he retrieves the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  When he climbs back down the Hebrews have reverted to not believing in God and Moses smashes the tablets in fury. Since the tablets are destroyed, he goes back up and gets a new pair which are placed in the Ark of the Covenant to keep safe. The people complain they have no king so Moses gives over his leadership to Joshua.

Personal Finances Essay (200 words)

Here is my essay (246 words) from Ron Paul’s Personal Finances class through video lecture centering on the topic “How I can control small expenses” and covering all the necessary points. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Most teenagers don’t seem to have many so called “big expenses” but there are some things that adolescents would obviously like to save up for such as a car, computer, or college education. But when the time to fork over the funds for these big ticket items rolls around, their wallets are devoid of anything but old candy wrappers and pocket lint. Why does this always seem to happen no matter what steps are taken to avoid it? The fact is, every time someone walks through a shopping center, advertisements scream at him, blaring about the manufacturer’s amazing product for only $19.99 and “but wait, if you purchase now you can get more…” The potential buyer falls into the trap and is parted from his money for an insignificant trifle. But picture what happens when such decisions are made over and over again. Even the expense of something tiny like a song from I tunes or a phone case can quickly change a teenager’s future profit to debt if left unchecked. One way to greatly improve a teenager’s monetary situation would be to increase income by obtaining a small job. Another idea would be to lock up a portion of every payday from oneself to prevent tapping into the savings fund. Also consider each item carefully before buying or make someone else buy it for you through underhanded trickery. These are some handy suggestions for keeping your wallet fat and happy no matter what your age.

The Head Owl


Am I ever going to post a fifth leg to my journey in Europe? Well I said I would, didn’t I? I intend to keep my promise and add a new post to finish my tale as well as fill in some details and even add more pictures for people with access to protected post passwords. I am extremely busy most days at the moment catching up with school and whatnot but I will do my best to slowly fill in the cracks.

Fourth leg–Croatia

Just in case you’re wondering if I am still alive, I have not had access to WiFi since I left Croatia, which was where I had planned to add the next leg to my journey but never got the chance. Now I will continue with my tale and I apologize for the extremely long delay. On the way to Croatia we made a pit stop to see a famous group of caves (the name of which currently escapes me but I could possibly remember if you wanted to know.) I myself am afraid of going underground but after a while I was forced to acknowledge how majestic and incredibly impressive the caves were. The next day we spent numerous hours hiking in a well-known wildlife park near the island of Krk. It was dripping wet and miserable. After the torture was over, we took the ferry over to the island of Rab and for the next three or so days waded in the Mediterranean, walked the ancient part of this city, and repeated that over and over in slightly different variations. Despite the repetition, Ran was extremely enjoyable and true vacation quality. After taking the ferry back to the mainland our tale took a turn for the worse. The car running on fumes and no civilization around for hours, we had no choice but to stop at a seedy little gas station. Miles later our car began to jitter and jerk. We drove on, hoping to use up the bad gas and refill with better quality as soon as possible but twas not to be. Continue reading