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Fifth leg–the way back

(The pictures are going to take a long time because they are stubborn files and I do not want to deal with them if i can help it.) Anyways, continuing on with the story, we got the car next morning and it was superb! Nearly no extra gadgetry and a supremely better size for our family of four. We got back on track, and even though we had to stay one less day in the next stop, it turned out fine. From there we headed to Brixen Bressanone, the tiny town that i will forever remember as being inhabited by the Bike Nazis (in the best way possible.) They were obsessed with biking and it just so happened that there was a biking festival in the town that day and everyone was on a bike. The next day was primarily driving and we drove through Brenner pass to reach Hall. i think it was that day that we saw someone dangling from a bridge and stopped for a quarter of an hour to watch him and his friends hurl themselves off of the bridge in turn connected to bungee cords. Those were the loudest screams I have ever heard in my life. Continue reading

Western Civilization Essay (2)

Once again I have two essays for this week of class and it seems that this will be the new normal.

Essay 1 (Cyclops have a civilization?)

Although the cyclops were grouped both by close range of living and as a species, the definition of civilization would certainly not apply to them. Civilization is the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization. As a rule, the cyclops were a brutal, barbaric, and greedy bunch. Despite being physically powerful beings, their brains were not all there and organization was impossible to come by. Fortunately the cyclops kept to their own islands without much interaction. Their refusal to abide by or even create laws would have destroyed a chance to live together peaceably before any civilization had formed. Their un-civilization, in the end was their downfall!!!!! Continue reading

Western Literature Essay

100 words on the importance of sanctions in the Psalms.

The importance of historical sanctions in the Psalms are severely underrated and yet significant as all get out. One of God’s many jobs is to judge his creations and so He was commonly called upon every time his people slammed into a seemingly unsolvable crisis. Being the supreme justice of heaven and earth, both good and evil got what they deserved. The good, who lived by a proper moral and worshipped him as their lord were rewarded for their lifestyle while the bad were and always will be cut down. Even if sanction did not follow their deeds immediately it always caught up with them in the end for God has a long memory and a harsh hand when needed.

The Head Owl


Does anyone have any ideas for a story that they’ll never really write? Just general ideas–characters, plots, plot twists, quotes, creatures, scenes. I really have a serious case of writers block at the moment and some awesome base ideas but no real filling. Anything would help.