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The Head Owl


Who’s excited for the new year? I am! Why? you may ask. Because I finally get to start a new sketchbook of course! Although you are free to share yours, my new years resolutions have to remain secret. I can’t have everyone knowing my secrets, now can I? <3 I hope everyone likes my new years eve pizza wallpaper.

The Head Owl


My friend told me to draw a snake and a unicorn so when I got home I threw down some sticky notes and drew them at light speed. picture287picture283


I’m trying different mediums for traditional art and here begins my saga with watercolor! I already use graphite and colored pencil but I want to expand to digital, marker, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and pen. My very first watercolor in quite a while was a commission by my mother to paint a paper photo mat to look like wood. Sorry you don’t get to see my cousins’ faces in the picture but I put some smiley faces in so that no one feels left out. :)P1050951

marci mash

Sketch dump #7

OK, here is a broad assortment of facial features from last year, a giant cat eye from this year, and a girl (Marci obviously) also from this year. There’s not much else to say. A story fragment about Marci might be coming soon, but I might scrap it before it can be finished.


Christmas is just around the corner and I’M NOT READY!!! The tree is not up, the lights are not strung, the cookies are not baked! (OK, that’s a lie. The lights technically are up outside.) We have 9 days until Christmas and that means 8 until my relatives fly down. Our house is a mess and 8 days to clean a lifetime of clutter…not going to happen. But a silly little time crunch is not going to stop me! The tree will go up if it’s the last thing I do. There is a tiny little problem though; we don’t have room. Let me explain. The room by the door is where the tree lives. We have a piano and a big round table in that room. So we usually move the tabe into the room next to it, making room for the tree. But this time we have a big dining table in the other room (for out guests) and some metal carts holding school supplies and books blocking the way.  Bottom line. Tree isn’t going to fit. ‘Now what will you do?’ you might ask. Well let me answer. We will only set up half of the tree. I cant live with that! Where will all the presents fit?

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Western Civilization lesson 30

And now we have the usual two reports for W. Civ.

In 507 B.C. Athens sent representatives to Persia seeking an alliance to protect them from the newly formed threat of Sparta. Persia accepted under one condition—they would be the ones in control of all the decisions. Athens, desperate for help, accepted even though the general consensus of the citizens was to not trust Persia. Later when the Ionian Greeks needed help in their defense against Persian troops, Athens made a big mistake. Forgetting their previous vow, Athenian soldiers were sent to the aid of Ionia in defiance of the Persians. Persia, outraged at the bold actions of their ‘allies”, began the Persian war that would prove that even though outnumbered, Athens had the strength and smarts to fend off a second culture that would have completely altered the course of Western Civilization. Continue reading

Western Civilization lesson 25

Here is my essayish thing for W. Civ. lesson 25

Aristotle sought to answer many questions, but there was one that no philosopher had ever managed to crack before. What is the ultimate goal in life? The answer is simple: happiness. Over all else, humans crave it. Aristotle realized this and revealed the most simple and effective way to gain joy. If we as humans are virtuous—not by force but by our own design—happiness follows instantly and effortlessly (unless you’re a total scrooge). However we are still animals and material pleasures do bring happiness as well. Friendships practically marinate in the stuff and encourage our natural desire to help other people and therefore ourselves. The key is not to overindulge in material pleasure and be moral and the rest will follow

Western Lit lesson 25 (Pepper and Salt)

The essays required every week in this class suddenly took a turn for the worse. 500 words from now on! (I overshot and went to 600.) It’s a very boring topic but I tried to make it funny. :)

Proverbs one through seven primarily concentrate on two intertwined themes; sanctions and ethics. Ethics are the web of human morals that we act on every single day, telling us to be righteous and kind to others. In Proverbs, Solomon is teaching his son to obey ethics by providing various warnings and guidelines to accept. These instructions all follow the same railroad tracks, decreeing over and over again that wisdom is life and to act on anything other than wisdom will destroy the soul and forbid entrance to Heaven. Continue reading

The Head Owl


Here is where I’m at in my current artistic undertaking. It’s maybe 15″ by 5″? Sorry for the bad quality photograph. (Does anyone else think her arm looks a little small?)IMAG0086