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Art Class #3

More on “The Lady”. The last picture is the beginning of one of my mom’s.

Western Civilization lesson 40

My first paper with a title! I’m so excited! Once upon a time I used to title my papers but when you’re writing three every week it gets exhausting. Question 1: What is the difference between the liberty of the ancients and the liberty of the moderns? What would moderns find lacking in ancient liberty?

Hawaiian Greeks; It’s Personal

Liberty as a concept was enjoyed by the ancient Party-Pooper Greeks as much as it is today by modern civilizations (Hawaiian Greeks). However, the concept had different meanings for different eras. The ancients were ruled by a group of peers and liberty was given to them by citizenship only. And even though they were all Party-Pooper Greeks, they were members of different deserty and rocky city states (Have you ever been to Croatia? It’s close to Greece and really rocky with lots of fig trees and desolate beaches.) and each city state was independent from the others. Today we are considered born with personal liberties. They are God given and reside in us by the fact that we are human beings. You don’t have to be a citizen to enjoy liberty. If we look at Modern Hawaiian Greece we would see that the citizens can party barefoot with flowers in their hair; whereas Ancient Party-Pooper Greece was forced to wear sandals and togas by the citizenry. And they didn’t even have the freedom to decide if they wanted pleated or colored togas. Yes there was liberty then and liberty now but they are quite different. For instance we can both get arrested but now we could blow raspberries at the police as we get dragged away. Continue reading

Art Class Continues

Winter break has ended and art class has resumed! Here is the progress of my pet project:

Christmas Cards

Here are the Christmas cards I made this year and one that I started but totally messed up on.



The Head Owl


Does anyone else ever celebrate Festivus? My family does and this winter we got even more traditional with the Festivus appetizer of airline snacks. Our Festivus pole in all of its dingy glory:festivus!

Western Literature lesson 30

Write 500 words on this: “What is the view of the biblical materials on the role of ethics in the development of history?”

Of the endless subjects contained within the bible, ethics are one of the most emphasized. This was because the authors of the bible knew how important they really were. They knew how life itself is based on the very theory of ethics, dictating not only how we build our own lives but how to help others live theirs.

Ethics, defined as a system of moral principles, induce serious indigestion. You think I’m kidding? What happens when you commit a morally wrong infraction? Do you feel pleased, proud of the wrong you have just done or do you ache, hollowed out from your deceits? It is imperative that people feel this way because humans would not manage to live together for long without the influence of ethics. Matthew 7:12 proclaims, “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Again in Mark 12:31 we hear, “The second is this, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” These verses and many more describe how to treat others, a very important tenant in society. In great civilizations of the past, we notice that any who refuse to obey their moral compass are outcast, thus preserving the peace and allowing cultures to grow. Continue reading