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Biz Blogging (L45)

“Why shouldn’t I borrow (money) to buy something that depreciates?”

If I borrow 30,000$ and use it to buy a car and then drive it at all, then it immediately becomes worth only 20,000$. It depreciates in value. If you borrow money to buy that car, fully intending to pay it back, and then get into some sort of financial trouble and end up selling the car, you are still in debt by at least 10,00$. You’ve effectively dug yourself into a financial black hole. But if you use that borrowed 30,000$ to buy something that can produce more money, then instead of digging yourself into a hole, you are building yourself a crash-pad in case you get into a financial crisis and will be able to pay the debt back with extra money left over. Or even better, just don’t borrow money.


Western Civilization^2 lesson 70

How does Friedrich Gentz distinguish between the American and French Revolutions? Do you see the influence of Edmund Burke in his thinking?

Sometime in the 19th century, Friedrich Gentz wrote two fairly important and opinionated works that distinguished between the American and French Revolutions, aptly titled the Origin and Principles of the American Revolution and the Origin and Principles of the French Revolution. According to Gentz, the American Revolution was based on a desire for liberty and tradition while the French Revolution was based on a desire to create an entirely new (and bloodthirsty) France based on Enlightenment thinking (see lesson 50 essay #4). In the American Revolution, the British were oppressing the colonists and unwilling to recognize the colonist’s basic traditional rights as British citizens and taxed them to the breaking point. The colonists had no choice but to rise up and fight for their independence. The French Revolution on the other hand was brutal and unorganized. The French citizens, who rose up against the nobles and clergy in search of a new world, were not afraid to execute anyone who got in their way. Throughout Friedrich’s works, we find influence from his fellow statesman Edmund Burke. For example, the two took the exact same views on the differences between the two revolutions. Although both Revolutions overthrew governments, took place in the late 18th century, and created perfect environments for extreme patriotism, there will always be more differences between the two than similarities and Friedrich Gentz was not afraid to state his interpretation of the facts. Continue reading

The Head Owl


smileymeThis is for that one guy on Deviantart who actually took time to comment on my stuff. *I cough pointedly at the ZERO people who read my blog.*

Western Civilization^2 lesson 65

(3) Look online for additional resources about one of the atrocities described in the lesson on the Reign of Terror and summarize what happened in 200-250 words.

Before you read my report-thing, lets take a moment to appreciate how horrifying this topic is. The entire time writing it, I felt like throwing up–I hope you don’t throw up yourself when you read this.

During the Reign of Terror led by Robespierre, at least 27,000 people were executed or died in prison awaiting their turn at the guillotine. The mass deaths began with the law of suspects in 1793 where it was proclaimed legal to execute anyone suspected of harboring or being an anti-revolutionary. Anyone who objected was also relieved of their own head. The horror escalated when the guillotine was deemed not efficient enough and the Drownings at Nantes were introduced. Women, children, or men were bound together in pairs and piled into boats with boarded over holes in the sides. The boats were led out to the middle of the lake where the boards were pried off and the executioners leapt safely to their own completely sealed boats to watch the prisoners drown. The shootings at Angers in 1794 were almost more horrifying with a total of 2000 deaths by the method of prisoners being tied into a long line and shot into the ditches dug behind them. The many who were merely wounded were finished off by swords. Fittingly, Robespierre was himself executed as a grand finale to the Reign of Terror in 1794 after suffering from a shattered jaw in prison for an entire day. Continue reading

Inktober 2016

For those of you who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing challenge for the month of October where you draw something in ink every day. (Or every other day for half-marathon style–that’s what I did.) Here are most of the days:

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