Lit^2 Blogging (L85)

“Why did [Robinson Crusoe] take the coins off the ship?”

When Robinson Crusoe was searching the ship for supplies to take back to the island with him, he came across a small amount of gold coins. He hesitated, knowing the coins would be of no use to him on the island, but took them with him anyways. In Cast Away, which I mentioned in my last Lit^2 Blog, Chuck Noland (the main character) saved a pocket watch with a picture of his fiance because it symbolized what he needed to live for. Even if in the logical part of his brain he believed that he would never be rescued, some part of him clung to the idea that he would make it back to his fiance–or in Robinson Crusoe’s case–civilization. Without that illogical hope, both would have given up and become insane with nothing left to live for. The simple action of taking the coins off of the ship was the one thing that saved Robinson Crusoe’s life in the end.


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