Graphic Novel <3

I’m designing a graphic novel series (It would be SO cool if I could publish it!) and these are some character concepts for the prequel story. (Yes, I have to make everything harder than it already is–because a normal graphic novel series isn’t enough work :( ) The Prequel will be set somewhere from 1933-1950s America and focused on witches and the pagan religion as interpreted per my research. Basically think “urban witches throughout history” and “Celtic gods” if you still don’t get what the story will be about. The prequel has only 2 main characters as opposed to the 3-4 in the main series and one of them is in the character ref sheet below. The other image is me trying to figure out how to represent the Great Mother (Also called the “Goddess.” Look it up.) because dang it there are way too many possibilities! Should I go really traditional Viking or more Greek or Egyptian sky goddess? Help an artist out and give me opinions! (Criteria via internet: a moon goddess and¬†mother nature blend.)

Bel The Great Mother concept doodles


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