West Civ^2 (L 125) o/ lines

*DISCLAIMER* We didn’t have time to do full paragraphs so this is our weekly paper compromise. :/

(1) What are the primary differences discussed in this week’s videos between Marxism and Marxism-Leninism?

  • I. (Background) Karl Marx = German Philosopher-type guy espoused economic theory “Marxism” late 19th century
  • II. (Topic) Russian socialists <3 Marxism and modified it after Czars (esp. Lenin)
  • #1. Marxism –> naturally via people
  • #2. M-Leninism –> workers too stupid to bring about
  • #3. Marx –> state would wither and die
  • #4. Lenin –> state got even stronger
  • #5. Marx –> everyone would have an abundance of food
  • #6. Lenin –> starved the people through deceit
  • #7. Marx–> ppl could do whatever they wanted
  • #8. Lenin –> forced ppl to work in specific jobs
  • #9. Marx –> no violence
  • #10. Lenin –> public executions, forcibly seized property, ran out intellectuals
  • III. (Clincher) Leninism and Marxism totally different and just complete control via state

(2) Historian Richard Pipes wrote, “Soviet Russia was the first society in history to outlaw law.” What did he mean by that?

  • I. (Background) Lenin terrorized people to get them to do what he wanted
  • II. (Topic) Took away humanity and all rights of “subjects”
  • #1. Threw away laws and gave law positions to Bureaucrats
  • #2. No degree required in law positions just made up stuff
  • #3. No natural rights
  • #4. Everything taken away from people
  • #5. Entire body of law in Europe made up (since beginning of west E) thrown away
  • III. (Clincher) Only law was that if you disobeyed Lenin you were tortured and executed

(3) What was the Russian government under Lenin like? What kinds of tasks did it attempt to achieve?

  • I. (Background) Miserable lawess time
  • II. (Topic) Lenin took over Russia and reigned through terror
  • #1. Redistributed land among peasantry
  • #2. Nationalized banks and large scale industry (public utilities)
  • #3. Closed the press
  • #4. Opponents were suppressed in the Red Terror
  • #5. RT–campaign of mass killing, torture, and systematic oppression
  • #6. 10,000 — over 1 1/2 million people killed
  • #7. Establishment of secret police called the “Cheka”
  • #8. Had the right to execute any they deemed “enemy of the state” w/o trial
  • #9. Concentration camps = slave labor
  • #10. Abolished religion and executed all priests (or religious leaders) he could find
  • #11. Major famine in 1921 — 5,000,000 people died
  • III. (Clincher) Great guy all around…sure knew how to run a country…

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