First leg–the flight

At five in the morning we left the house and endured a half hour drive to the airport. The first two hours of flight were fine. After a two hour break to switch planes and stretch our legs we boarded agin for four hours. Although still livable, the last hour and a half got me desperate to get off the flight. After landing we rushed to the new gate and boarded immediately. 3 hours passed. At home it was still noon but the sky was dark and sleepy due to the time zone shift. Although I attempted to follow my own advice in the going to Europe post and sleep, I just couldn’t do it. Earplugs and and an eyecover helped but there was still the matter of the uncomfortable position. For the first hour uncofolding the tray table and crossing my legs up on it allowed me to doze comfortably. After trying many more various and strange poses I finally ended up in an upright fetal position facing the chair. Finally sleep came. An hour after I woke up the plane landed and we left the airport and stepped into Frankfurt Germany.

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