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Write about Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process.

The five points of any sales process are 1) Get the customer’s attention. 2) Identify the problem/need of the customer. 3) Position your product/service as the solution. 4) Prove your case. And finally 5) Ask for the order.

The first step is obviously essential. If someone is walking down the street and your business grabs their attention, they will probably step inside to take a quick look around. If your business does not grab their attention, they will keep walking down the street and you will have no chance to sell them anything. I cannot stress enough how important advertising is. If anything with your display or the wording of your sign is just slightly wrong, you will have no customers. Once they are inside, you can proceed to step two. Engage in pleasant conversation. Find what irks them. (Let’s say you run a jewelry shop.) Do they need a gift? Are they frustrated because they cannot find a certain color gem anywhere else? Now comes step three. Start thinking about how your product could help and commiserate with the potential customer. Don’t say anything about your product quite yet. Here entereth step four. Make a few suggestions about how your product might help them solve their problem. Don’t push. Answer any objections and prove that your product is the one they want by professing your positive company history, experience, equipment, or statistics for success. Don’t make it sound like you are just trying to push your product, because you shouldn’t really be. In order to have successful business, you and the consumer are making a deal mutually satisfying to both parties. Here comes the final step. Usually customers will close the deal on their own by making an executive decision but occasionally they need a bit of help. A careful nudging such as, “Shall we close the deal?” should work adequately. Keeping the customer happy throughout the entire transaction affects your business and personal reputation more than you might think. If word gets around that you are stingy, or pushy, or rude, you will have no more customers. People’s word is taken much more seriously than a sign, no matter how pretty that sign is. Remember the words of Harry Browne, “Selling is a service.”


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