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Write a 250 word essay on the business opportunity which most intrigued you.

In his latest lecture, Mr. Emmons gave several possible business opportunities; Website Development, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Videographer, App Design, and Selling Products Online. Since I had previously decided to create a business around art, the graphic design opportunity intrigued me the most.

The interwebs define graphic design as, “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” While graphic design itself is not particularly appealing to me, I have found a few ideas similar to graphic design that have allowed several artists to make a middle class income within only a few years. One of these ideas is selling commissions. Basically someone gives you a photo or a character or an idea and you get to draw them for money! Super simple concept and very similar to graphic design. It’s great. Unfortunately if you are not a super-popular artist, you may not be able to sell anything in the beginning.  Many of the more well-known artists that I follow have their shops set up as such: a gallery of paintings that anyone can buy, open commissions for people to buy specifically crafted paintings, a shop such as Patreon where they effectively sell tutorials and special peeks into their sketchbooks, and something like a redbubble shop where they sell specialized art products like shirts, pins, and stickers. Many artists also do product reviews and can even be sent new art supplies to try out and review for companies. A key part in these artists success is their interaction with their followers over social media. Taking requests, answering questions, and doing fan-art are all part of their popularity and key in spreading news of their amazing art.

Clearly before beginning any sort of art-career, you must have people who are interested in your art and willing to pay for your designs, but once you do have that, art is not a terrible middle-class income career to pursue.



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