CWP Wk 6

  • 1900s Everyone believed Opium was a huge problem
  • 1980 Dec 28. Washington Post¬† ran “Jimmy’s World” by Janet Cooke
  • Really incited a lot of people to hate and fear opium more than ever
  • 8 year old kid in the ghetto addicted to opium since 4 years old
  • Mother’s live-in-lover selled opium as a business
  • Mayor of WA D.C. ordered search of city to find and save this kid
  • 6 reporters ordered to go find other kids like him because he certainly couldn’t be the only child opium addict out there
  • She won Pulitzer prize for the story but Jimmy was never found and Janet couldn’t remember where he was so Pulitzer prize was taken away
  • Actually were child opium addicts though
  • Opium-based soothing-syrups for children
  • Women employed to take care of dozen+ children and kept them quiet by feeding them opium syrup
  • Not uncommon for mothers to also feed them opium syrup to get a good nights sleep
  • Only at end of 19th century when people really realized how addictive it was
  • Infanticide through opium overdoses by poor women was also not uncommon
  • “Baby Farms” where women were paid to adopt a child but then they killed the kid so they didn’t have to deal with them
  • Infanticide also with a bastard child because another baby was another mouth to feed



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