US Hist. Lecture #23

Political Crisis of the 1850s Pt. II

  • Yes I know I’m not supposed to do bullet points. Ill change it later fine fine fine
  • US becoming HUGE amount of territory–organize? access? “Blundering Generation”
  • Could Civil war have been avoided??
  • North¬†hated the “slave power” of the South while the South resented the “Northern aggression.” (North wasn’t worried about the plight of the slaves though. Just didn’t want them to take white people’s land)
  • 1856 election . Democrat James Buchanan won. The democrat party was the truly national party at the time
  • People blame Buchanan for losing the Union but actually he didn’t. He still had a union of 7 states. Abe Lincoln was the one who lost the Union actually
  • 1858 senatorial race. Lincoln vs. Douglas debates. Lincoln is seen as a moderate and was not interested at all in saving the union. Just wanted to re-create one
  • John Brown 1859 Tried to lead a slave rebellion. Was getting money from a “secret 6” and planned to storm an arsenal to arm the slaves but no slaves showed up to join his rebellion. He was wounded, arrested, and put on trial. (Pretty sure he was executed.)
  • The North actually considered him a martyr for abolitionism though

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