Geography of Religion Wk 8

Revival and Spread

  • Gupta Empire ending ~600 AD–Hinduism became a little more subdued with Buddhism and Islam more prominent
  • 16-18th century India was ruled by the Mughul Empire
  • 1644 English Company built Fort Saint George and established city of Madras
  • 1661 British acquired islands in a western bay south of Surat
  • 1674 Bombay became the HQ of East India Trading Company
  • 1702 Fort William was built near the mouth of the Hulgi River on the East Coast
  • (Village Kalikata became Calcutta)
  • This all formed the beginnings of modern India
  • Hinduism played a key role in India’s 20th century movement
  • Movement was embodied by Mohandas Gandhi who was devoted to the lifestyle of a sadhu
  • Lived austerely and preached non-violence and was devoted to helping the people of India regain their independence
  •  He focused on salt which was controlled by the British
  • 1804 proclamation (by the EIC)  banned private harvest or trade of Orissa salt which resulted in starvation and epidemics for the Indians who depended on the salt harvest and trade for their income
  • The British cleared  jungle land in Southern Bengal for wood and therefore fuel which aided the occurrence of a massive famine in Orissa in 1866
  • 1930 Gandhi held the Salt March which was both religious and political and covered 240 miles and took 25 days
  • The march started in Sabarmati Ashram. Gandhi and 78 others village-hopped in a salt satyagraha (aka a grasping of the truth)
  • By the time the march ended on April 6, at Dandhi–at the edge of the Arabian Sea–thousands of people had joined Gandhi in his march
  • The protest was filled with extremely symbolic acts and it sparked violence
  • The leaders of the march were imprisoned but the demonstrations continued
  • 1931 the British finally ended their salt campaign
  • In 1947 India had it’s independence but there were more troubles such as the separation of India into a majorly Hindu state and a majorly Muslim state (Pakistan) where a million people were killed in riots and 7 million people were displaced
  • Gandhi was assassinated in 1948
  • Some other protesting and separation stuff happened but Imma go eat pizza. Hope you learned some stuff. Enjoy your day :)


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