US History^2 Lecture #4

Spanish-American War

  • 1890s. Conflicts between US, Spain, and Cuba (under Spanish rule)
  • First contributing factor “Large Policy” –based on fact that US producing goods in huge abundance. Producing too much. to produce less, they would employ less people, therefore greater unemployment, therefore no money to buy the lesser goods being produced. US needed overseas markets to “unload excess production”
  • It was thought US navy would be needed to help facilitate trade. Culling and Naval stations in Pacific also thought to be necessary (aim to get hold of Asian specifically Chinese markets)
  • Large Navy needed for Large Policy
  • Part of Large Policy was implemented in Hawaii but pres. Grover Cleveland resisted–favored anti-imperialist position
  • Hawaiian Queen deposed and Hawaii was annexed to US eventually but not right now
  • CUBA 10 years war 1868-1878 resistance to Spanish authorities
  • 1895 another uprising in Cuba. Rebels using terrorist methods
  • Yellow journalism sensationalists events
  • Americans didn’t hear about this accurately. Saw it like George Washington fighting against the Brits for freedom
  • Dalome letter written by Spanish Ambassador said Pres. McKinley was weak and bidder for approval of crowd
  • WAR
  • Philippines naval battle over in a day. Land war in Cuba more prolonged but only a few months so pretty brief
  • at end of war after paying a sum to Spain, US acquired Guam Puerto Rico and Philippines and got some powers over Cuba
  • mid 1898 during war Hawaii acquisition becomes irresistable
  • Philippines outraged by US governing them and this challenged the idea of why the US was formed–freedom

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