Fourth leg–Croatia

Just in case you’re wondering if I am still alive, I have not had access to WiFi since I left Croatia, which was where I had planned to add the next leg to my journey but never got the chance. Now I will continue with my tale and I apologize for the extremely¬†long delay. On the way to Croatia we made a pit stop to see a famous group of caves (the name of which currently escapes me but I could possibly remember if you wanted to know.) I myself am afraid of going underground but after a while I was forced to acknowledge how majestic and incredibly impressive the caves were. The next day we spent numerous hours hiking in a well-known wildlife park near the island of Krk. It was dripping wet and miserable. After the torture was over, we took the ferry over to the island of Rab and for the next three or so days waded in the Mediterranean, walked the ancient part of this city, and repeated that over and over in slightly different variations. Despite the repetition, Ran was extremely enjoyable and true vacation quality. After taking the ferry back to the mainland our tale took a turn for the worse. The car running on fumes and no civilization around for hours, we had no choice but to stop at a seedy little gas station. Miles later our car began to jitter and jerk. We drove on, hoping to use up the bad gas and refill with better quality as soon as possible but twas not to be. The Lipizzaner breeding farm was on our path home so we stopped for an hour or two to learn about the early life of the majestic stallions and gorgeous mares. When we went to drive off the car would not start. Perhaps 20 minutes later we finally managed to idle to the edge of the property where the engine kicked back on. On the Autobahn (the super highway) the car warned several times of engine failure and we realized the car was done for. After an unplanned stop and lots of teeth-gnashing and phone calls the car was towed and we spent the night in an unbelievably expensive hotel (it was Venice after all) to wait for a replacement. Tune in later to find out what happens next. (Sorry I can’t load any pictures now but I’ll get them up…eventually.)

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