Western Civilization Essay

Here is my essay from Western Civics Ron Paul Curriculum on Important events in Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses.

Abraham was born in Ur. God called him out to Canaan and further west. Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was barren but God blessed her and she gave birth to Isaac. Abraham loved Isaac with all of his heart. God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to test his loyalty and Abraham proved true. At the last minute, Isaac’s life was spared. Abraham chose Rebekah to be his son’s wife and Abraham died not long after. Isaac and Rebekah have two children, Esau and Jacob. But Jacob wanted Esau’s birthright as elder and tricked him into giving it up. Esau later swore to kill Jacob and so the latter fled to his uncle Laban.

After many years go by, Moses is born and sent away as a baby for his own safety. The pharaoh’s daughter finds and raises him in the palace. When he becomes a grown man, he spies an overseer beat a slave, so he kills the overseer and flees the city to become a shepherd. God then tells Moses through the figure of an ever burning bush to go convince pharaoh into freeing the Hebrews. Moses complies but the pharaoh refuses. God then sends down the plagues upon Egypt as punishment until the pharaoh finally relents. The people held a massive feast (Passover) in joy. Moses splits the red sea so the people can cross and escape with him. Pharaoh gives chase, having changed his mind but doesn’t make it across in time. Moses stops along the way at Mt. Sinai where he retrieves the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  When he climbs back down the Hebrews have reverted to not believing in God and Moses smashes the tablets in fury. Since the tablets are destroyed, he goes back up and gets a new pair which are placed in the Ark of the Covenant to keep safe. The people complain they have no king so Moses gives over his leadership to Joshua.

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