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Does anyone have any ideas for a story that they’ll never really write? Just general ideas–characters, plots, plot twists, quotes, creatures, scenes. I really have a serious case of writers block at the moment and some awesome base ideas but no real filling. Anything would help.

One thought on “Story help?

  1. Alynn

    Okay, I’m so glad you commented my writing! If you hadn’t, I would have never would’ve discovered that you write stories. I’ve read your three writings so far and I love your ideas! I also write and am in the process of writing two myself. I hope you post more, but I know how hard it is to come up with continuing ideas. (I’ve been on these two stories for several months.) If you ever need ideas, I’ve got plenty! Also, since you’ve sorta cut off from WordPress, I can’t really follow you and if I can, I haven’t figured out how. I’ll just have to check in to your blog every so often.


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