copper fox

Value drawing (fox)

I’m taking an art course* (for my 5th or 6th year) so here is my first picture of this year. It’s not very good but fur is difficult as any fellow artist will understand.

*Glory Art Works. You should check it out if you are interested in taking a supremely good art class. It is held in the artist’s kitchen, transformed into a makeshift classroom. She takes all ages and fits them appropriately into four different level classes, the reign getting gradually free-er as you progress higher.

One thought on “Value drawing (fox)

  1. Lily

    I have reviewed some of your artwork and I just need to say that your drawing skills are remarkable!
    I especially liked your drawing of the fox. I love foxes; they are one of my favorite animals. Thank you so much for sharing your work on this blog. It’s a real treat for my eyes!


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