Christmas is just around the corner and I’M NOT READY!!! The tree is not up, the lights are not strung, the cookies are not baked! (OK, that’s a lie. The lights technically are up outside.) We have 9 days until Christmas and that means 8 until my relatives fly down. Our house is a mess and 8 days to clean a lifetime of clutter…not going to happen. But a silly little time crunch is not going to stop me! The tree will go up if it’s the last thing I do. There is a tiny little problem though; we don’t have room. Let me explain. The room by the door is where the tree lives. We have a piano and a big round table in that room. So we usually move the tabe into the room next to it, making room for the tree. But this time we have a big dining table in the other room (for out guests) and some metal carts holding school supplies and books blocking the way.  Bottom line. Tree isn’t going to fit. ‘Now what will you do?’ you might ask. Well let me answer. We will only set up half of the tree. I cant live with that! Where will all the presents fit?

On another note, I will be baking for Christmas. Its not a terribly important thing that everyone needs to know but I’m going to gab about it anyways. I love cookies. And I love making cookies. I see no problem here. You know what else is absolutely the opposite of a problem? My Opa (grandpa) is flying down as well and he has gotten way more adventurous in his cooking. I LOVE ADVENTUROUS COOKING! <3 And I might share a recipe or two for Christmas on NightOwl. We’ll see.

Continuing, what do you want for Christmas? Personally, I want art stuff. A lot of art stuff. (Stuff is a technical term.)  The big problem-o here is what do you get for someone else? As I mentioned before, there are ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT and 9 days in not a whole lot. Especially when you’re in school. (IF YOU ARE ONE OF MY PARENTS STOP READING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I SAY WHAT I’M GETTING YOU). What I’ve got so far is an illustrated card (made by yours truly) and a watercolor of an orchid for my mom. She loves orchids. What about dad? Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a brother. He’s annoying but he’s also work force. Now he gets to deal with the second present.

So tell me all of your Christmas troubles (If you’re in the mood) and how your gift giving is turning out. It is the holiday of sharing after all.

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