Western Civilization lesson 25

Here is my essayish thing for W. Civ. lesson 25

Aristotle sought to answer many questions, but there was one that no philosopher had ever managed to crack before. What is the ultimate goal in life? The answer is simple: happiness. Over all else, humans crave it. Aristotle realized this and revealed the most simple and effective way to gain joy. If we as humans are virtuous—not by force but by our own design—happiness follows instantly and effortlessly (unless you’re a total scrooge). However we are still animals and material pleasures do bring happiness as well. Friendships practically marinate in the stuff and encourage our natural desire to help other people and therefore ourselves. The key is not to overindulge in material pleasure and be moral and the rest will follow

2 thoughts on “Western Civilization lesson 25

  1. Lily

    A very good essay! You expressed the idea very clearly and concisely. I agree with every sentence. By the way, thank you for commenting on my essay. (:

  2. Elliot

    Great essay!!! Your writing is very understandable, I can tell you pay close attention to the video lessons! Keep up the good work! Thanks for looking and commenting on my blog, it shows me that people actually look at my site and find the material interesting.


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