Rene Descartes

Born late March 1596 in France somewhere. Pretty bright dude and extensively educated. He did lots of math. Tons of people considered him the father of modern philosophy. Many of his philosophies were repeated memos of other dudes in the past but his approach was as fresh as a daisy bouquet. He believed in starting fresh (forgive my repeated word) which inspired the thought, “I exist” which inspired his most famous philosophy, “I think therefore I am.” He took a rational approach to uncovering the natural world which meant using math…I think…UUUUGH MATH. Although he never married, he had a daughter, Francine, (Naughty naughty) in 1635. Previously he had moved to the Netherlands because the city was too busy and now planned to move back to educate his little girl but she died as little more than a toddler…or sometime young. He stayed in the Netherlands for 20 more years until he died in Sweden. How did he get over there? The queen had made him come and he got pneumonia. He was 53. He was a Catholic and grew up in France in an area that was mostly Huguenot.

And this is my sketchy report on Descartes (pronounced ‘Day-cart’ because the French can’t spell). It sounds funny because it was typed from an audio recording of me reading a summary of his life. ‘Why did I make it?’ you may ask. I have a Formal Logic 2 assignment to summarize his life before I logically analyze and covert his most famous quote. Why his life is important for that, I don’t know. But one never argues with the person that gives them grades on their permanent transcript.

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