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Valentine’s Day (and a little history)

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! (because no holiday is too small to celebrate)

So there’s this awesome book called An Uncommon History of Common Things by B Patrick and J Thompson and I figured I would use it to do a little research to put on my blog. Here’s what it says on Valentine’s Day (Paraphrased of course):

Valentine’s day originated in a Roman festival called Lupercalia where priests gathered on the 15th of February at the place where Rome’s founders (The wolfy twins) were born. Then lots of weird stuff happened. The weirdo rituals were supposed to protect animals and crops and all-around be helpful. One of the key parts of the festival was to draw names for partners likely to become sweethearts. After a while, pagan traditions mixed with Christianity and (in 5th century A.D) the festival was named for a saint. Maybe because that saint was executed during Lupercalia for fun. With the Christian influence, instead of drawing names for sweethearts, the men drew names of saints to imitate…(I like the sweetheart thing much better). That is apparently how it all started. Cute.

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