Western Literature lesson 85

How important were the miracles in the book’s account of Jesus’ early ministry? Read on and find out.

Uber isn’t just a taxi service anymore! (It’s actually the German word for super.) The Miracles in Jesus’s early ministry were uber important! When Jesus stepped forward claiming he was the son of God, many people might have written him off as “another one of those crazies” until he proved that he was indeed divine. When he turned the water into wine at the request of his mother, Mary, during the wedding in Canaan, people were astounded. By his actions, he showed both that he was powerful and loving.  Because he was the son of God made flesh and imbibed with the Holy Spirit, He used his incredible powers to work miracles for no other reasons than to teach us about God and his awesome forgiveness, to show us how to behave toward each other,  and  to show that he loved all of us humans down here.  Even though we sinned like toasters burn toast, he healed incurable conditions, cast out demons, and even died for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind.  Just as a magician has pizazz and sparkle to draw in a crowd, Jesus had to perform grandiose spectacles to capture his own audience’s attention. That made people stop and really listen to what he had to say. The Scribes and the Pharisees did not like his promise of change and strove to discredit him in any way possible. Somewhere along the way of the Jewish existance, they had gotten lost in the weeds of their religious rituals, traditions and the machinations of Jewish life, and lost sight of the true message of God. With black hearts, they cleverly set about to undermine and get rid of Jesus. However, the messiah was so obviously holy with his work and his teachings and he had such a great following because of that, it took FOREVER for him to finally get condemned.


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