Personal Finance lesson 10

“Three Things I Can Change to Use Time Better” (200 words)

First off, I could begin by transferring my lessons to a mobile device and completing the lessons during my time in the car or while waiting for my chemistry class to start. On the other hand–since I can only complete about five minutes of any subject during those times because of my lack of concentration–I could read an enjoyable book or doodle because those things make me happy. But I guess that means I need to work on my concentration.

Secondly, I could actually spend a little more time and brain capacity outlining and making notes on my classes. This would cement the material in my brain and prevent me from having to go back and read or watch the lesson multiple more times to ace the test or write the essay. Hold on a moment–I actually DO that already! Perhaps I could teach the material to the wall (this has been proven as the most effective way to learn and retain information) instead of wasting time on so many notes.

Third and finally, I could plan out the time I should be spending on whatever chore, subject, or pleasure I deemed to complete that day. A timer and a schedule would allow me to catch any time that was not being used effectively, find out what was using it instead, and eliminate that thing.

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