How to be an Amazing Conversationalist…Probably

Everybody knows that some people and talking don’t mix. Maybe that person fidgets, maybe they are super boring, or maybe they’re me! I’m proud to say that my conversational skills are a unhappy blend between weird topics, speed talking, interrupting, bad timing, stupid questions, and answers that reveal just how stupid I can be when put on the spot. (Such as, “Where do you live?” *I blush furiously* “Ummm…I know exactly where it is but I’m not sure exactly what it’s called. Near Blah Blah Blah…probably”.) The point is, some people need a little advice and I’m here to give it to them. But first bear with me here while I explain a little something about my own particular brand of conversational skills.

A lot of people can hopefully relate to what I like to call “The Two Filter System”. How the 2 Filter System works is where I reveal that I have only two settings on my mouth. The first one is where I am constantly stumbling up with my words, can never thing of anything to say, and basically don’t talk at all. The second is where the filter has been removed. Completely. This is how I speak to my friends. And very rarely–usually when I am tired or very happy–this is how I speak to a randomly chosen person who does not move away when I get near. They usually act polite and never speak to me again.

  1. Be polite. Its always good to be polite to any person you meet, no matter their age, gender or whatnot. Rudeness will scare them away and you will not have gained any admirers.
  2. Don’t be a know it all. Give other people’s opinions about subjects a fair chance. Even when you know you are right, let them explain their side.
  3. Don’t hog all the talking time. Unless they are obviously a super quiet person who is content to let you ramble on, people generally like making a conversation a two person thing. But honestly if someone talks a lot to you, they probably like you as a person and really can’t help themselves. Also let them pick the topic and make them feel important. That’s a biggie.
  4. Try not to fidget. I KNOW ITS HARD but it can be done.
  5. Say unexpected things occasionally (but don’t get weird) and basically stay away from the basic questions that can be answered in one word. Also avoid politics, death, and hygiene no matter what! Don’t gossip. Oh yeah, and don’t forget not to start a super long conversation if you know you don’t have a long time to talk.
  6. Compliment the person GENUINELY. They like it :) (They will think about it for the rest of the day and it will make them feel so good and confident about themselves every time they remember it.)
  7. Listen to them!!! This is very important if you want to talk about something that interests both of you. Their body language is also important to pay attention to.

Hope this helped and if everyone wants to talk to you now, you know who to thank! Just kidding it was all you. <3

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