Western Civilization lesson 90

Describe the process by which Christianity was spread in England.

In the 5th century, Christians of the Western Roman Church became more prominent because beliefs of the East and the West were solidified into one Christian dogma. During this time several of the church pillars arose to teach and spread the word. Bishop Augustine of Hippo (mid 400s AD) sent St. Patrick to Ireland to convert the pagans and establish churches. In the 500s these churches eventually became monasteries. But, by the 6th century, monastic life needed a reform because it had become a way for elite men and women to escape their lives to a peaceful sanctuary even though they didn’t truly believe. Benedict of Nursia (543 AD) whipped the monasteries into shape with the rules he cranked out which were soon spread across Christendom. Pope Gregory the Great (604 AD) sent more missionaries out into the world, but most importantly he sent the 2nd St. Augustine to England to enforce these new monastic dictates and establish even more churches. The 5th through 7th centuries found England transitioning from pagan Celtic beliefs to an isle holding the creed of the Christian Church sacred.

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