Western Civilization lesson 100

What changes did William the Conqueror introduce in England?

On the island of Britain, a battle 1066 for possession of England called the Battle of Hastings took place. William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, defeated his opponent, the Anglo Saxon king Harold, and took the throne. Since William was a foreigner from across the channel, the people didn’t immediately accept him as their new king. However they had no choice in the matter since Harold had been killed during the battle. Will instigated many new changes in England. First and foremost, King William stole huge masses of land from the Anglo Saxons only to give it away to the nobles of his native Normandy.  With the Saxons thrown off their land, they would be less likely to get together and rise up against him, giving him ultimate control. This action also subjugated and humiliated his enemies. Secondly, he proceeded to decree that the Pope no longer had the authority to make any clerical decisions without the King’s approval. Thirdly, William was known for keeping the Domesday Book. This was a great collection of records that kept tabs on the financial details of everyone so that Will could tax his subjects with the highest accuracy and receive the most dough in return. And thus, after the Battle of Hastings, William became the king of England, the king of taxes, and king over the Pope.

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