Western Literature^2 lesson 55

“Is it easier to read Shakespeare or the King James Bible?”

“Shakespeare, the Heavyweight Champion!”

I think that Shakespeare is easier to comprehend than the King James Bible. There are pros and cons to both; however, Shakespeare’s plays ultimately win the match. Let’s begin with the cons of both. Shakespeare and the King James Bible both employ the use of lyrical, yet ancient words and phrasing. To make the language even harder to understand, both also employ metaphors in every other sentence. To counteract the cons, Shakespeare’s plays are written to give contextual clues to the reader—or watcher, depending on the form—while the King James Bible is not. In the KJB, you have to puzzle out what is part of the made-up story, what is part of actual history, and what is the ethical message itself. Although Shakespeare has a way of playing with words, it is still easier to understand than the King James Bible.

3 thoughts on “Western Literature^2 lesson 55

  1. chicleinec

    Your paper looks good!

    One thought though, I would have separated the essay a bit with some new paragraphs when there is a change in subject (e.g. between the pros and cons) it makes for an easier read.


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